Latest update: 29-Aug-2020

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The Calendar shows a 12 month period, incepting 1 September. Whichever view you select, the Calendar will open in the month of the latest update.

Year view shows all 12 months in a continuous document spreading down the page, with a navigation bar between each month. Scroll up and down the page or jump to a month via the navigation bar.

Month view shows each month on a single page with a navigation bar at the bottom to switch to other months.

The navigation bar in either view includes a link to the alternative view and a return link.

Popups A fixture for which results are entered is linked to a popup window showing the match result table. Future fixtures are linked to a popup showing the match details. If your browser blocks popup windows, you will probably get a message, for instance, Internet Explorer, shows a dialogue saying 'Allow blocked content'. You can safely click OK to this. Then clicking on a match link (links are shown blue and underlined) will open the popup. If popups are blocked, the link will open in a separate tab.

Note that you need to close a popup window before opening another. If you forget to do this, nothing will happen until you find the previous window (usually it will have been sent behind all other windows) and close it. Then the next link will work.

Match fixture dates notation a fixture change for which there is no new date is indicated by strikethrough with the notation 'Canc' (=Cancelled) if there will be no new date, or '-pp-' (=postponed, date tba) if a new date is being arranged, but not yet known. In the latter event, when the new date is known, the entry in the original date will change to '[team shortname] moved to [new date]' and the full fixture entry will then appear on the new date.